Niko Skorpio: The Unfolding (Emergent/20210717) CDR+Art Print


CDR + unique art print
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Studio live audio recording from the night before…

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The Unfolding – Emergent 20210717

The Unfolding (emergent) audiovisual performance was planned to take place at ARS108 festival in Nokia on July 17, 2021. Unfortunately, issues related to the current pandemic interfered and the performance was cancelled at the last minute.

This recording is from a studio test run of material prepared for the performance, recorded the night before. Released now, one year leater, as it is, audio only.

Audio works as intended, independent of the visual component; audio is easily shared and carries the potential for immersion and transcendence, asking only a reasonable sound system or heaphones. Then the space for The Unfolding emerges in the mind of the listener.

The origin of the work, the visual component, on the other hand requires a particular environment that computer screens and online platforms simply don’t provide. The visual component is light projected in space, in time, mixed with soundwaves vibrating the air, the combination thereof experienced by the perceiver.

The Unfolding (emergent), as a complete projected spatial work, is an event which cannot be shared as an object or bitstream. Waiting to happen somewhere sometime.

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